I predominately work with the mediums of artists’ publications and site-specific immersive installations. Within my practice I often explore the history of underrepresented and marginalised groups. I am particularly interested in stories that explore moments of change.

I create using photography, found material, video, collage and the book form. I enjoy experimenting with analogue and digital technologies. The materials I use aim to interrogate the relationship between past and present, through overlaps, layering, and the traces of image, story, material and texture. A preoccupation of my work is with things lost or forgotten. What might the forgotten past tell us? And how, by uncovering lost stories and voices, may we imagine new possibilities?

I have a degree in Illustration and a Masters degree in Art and Media Practice.

I am interested in improving access to art and education. I am a founding member of The Film Bunch  and a trustee at StageText.